Wisconsin - Forest County Maps, Forest County Plat Books and Parcel Maps with GIS Parcel Data

Rockford Map provides highly accurate Forest County parcel map data containing land ownership, property line info, parcel boundaries and acreage information along with related geographic features including latitude/longitude, government jurisdictions, school districts, roads, waterways, public lands and aerial map imagery. Forest County maps are available in a variety of printed and digital formats to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a traditional printed county plat book, historical plat maps or highly attributed GIS parcel data map with boundaries and ID Number, we have the most up-to-date parcel information available.

Forest County, Wisconsin source information varies according to county record availability. Many of the products contain land ownership data for larger parcels only while others contain data for all parcels including highly desirable parcel identification numbers (PINs) as well as address, census, zip code, zoning and land use information.

Products for Forest County, WI

-eBook (Download Sample) -Plat Book (Download Sample)
-MobilePlat™ (Download Sample) -GeoPlat™ (Download Sample)
-County Wall Map (Download Sample) -Township Wall Map (Download Sample)
-Image File (Download Sample) -RMP SmartImage (Download Sample)
-Vector File (Download Sample) -Landowner Mailing List (Download Sample)
-Parcel Shapefile Data (Download Sample) -Custom Maps (Download Sample)
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Available Forest County Maps and Digital Products:

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Year Quantity Price
eBook eBook
2013 $70.00
2005 $70.00
1983 $70.00
1980 $70.00
1971 $70.00
1966 $70.00
1958 $70.00
Plat Book Plat Book
2013 $75.00
2005 $75.00
1983 $75.00
1980 $75.00
1971 $75.00
1966 $75.00
1958 $75.00
MobilePlat™ MobilePlat™
2013 $85.00
2005 $85.00
GeoPlat™ GeoPlat™
2013 $150.00
2005 $150.00
County Wall Map County Wall Map
2013 $195.00
2005 $195.00
Township Wall Map Township Wall Map
2013 $60.00
2005 $60.00
1983 $60.00
1980 $60.00
1971 $60.00
1966 $60.00
1958 $60.00
Image File Image File
2013 $175.00
2005 $175.00
1983 $175.00
1980 $175.00
1971 $175.00
1966 $175.00
1958 $175.00
RMP SmartImage RMP SmartImage
2013 $400.00
2005 $400.00
Vector File Vector File
2005 $500.00
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