The list below is just a small sample of the many questions that could arise regarding our products and services.  Call us at 1-800-321-1627 to discuss any of these questions, and more, in further detail.

What is a land description?
A land description is a description of a tract of land in legally acceptable terms; so as to show exactly where it is located and how many acres it contains.  Click here for details.

How is data gathered?
All land contract owners/tax bill recipients/owner of record and acreage data were derived from the Official Public Record per Rockford Map’s standard mapping protocol.

How current is the data?
Currency of the data varies from county to county.  Due to continual sales, transfers of property, land contracts and varied tax bill/owner records, it is impossible to guarantee that the data is complete or free from error.  However, Rockford Map strives to accurately reflect what is in the Official Public Record at the time the data was gathered.

What is Rockford Map’s coverage area?
Rockford Map has spatial data for over 2,300 counties and plat books for over 700 counties!  To check availability please visit our Buy Now page.

Are Rockford Map’s datasets copyrighted?
Yes.  Our entire plat library is registered with the Library of Congress and fully protected by Federal Copyright Law under Title 17 United States Code.  Therefore, a license is required to use and reproduce a copyrighted work for personal and business applications.  To learn more about copyright and licensing, please visit our Copyright & Licensing page.

How can I stay up-to-date on new releases, products, and company news?
Rockford Map’s quarterly eNewsletter, Plat Chat, provides all the latest information about Rockford Map, its products and services, and special offers and discounts Also visit and "like" our Facebook page for notifications of new releases and industry insights.